Hey, I’m Shruti! I do marketing, photography, and design.

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I am especially passionate about how technology and design can better our world, whether it’s improving human rights in the retail industry, lessening our environmental impact, or helping refugees around the globe.

My day job is marketing at a tech company in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am an independent consultant in my spare time and provide digital marketing, web design, and branding guidance to small businesses. I am also a photographer specializing in portraits, engagements, food, and travel. 

In recent years, I’ve also become fascinated with how food can bring together people across all cultures and how it can shape our identities. I’m currently exploring different ways to document that by creating a cookbook for my family’s recipes, capturing people’s stories around food, and more.

Every now and then I try to blog on here, but you can mainly find me on Instagram sharing new food spots, places I’m traveling to, and other adventures.