Every now and then I panic if I’m on the “right track” for what I want to be doing in life. Never mind the fact that there’s no one way anyone’s career goes nowadays. But mid-20s are a weird place and what helped me the most was connecting the dots between my current role and where my interests lie. 

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So Detroit seems pretty random, and to be honest, I gotta agree with you. Never in a million years would I have imagined Motor City becoming one of my favorites.

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You know it's a good trip when you're itching to go back already. A week after my friends and I came back from Germany, I was looking at flights to Munich for Christmas. Ignoring the unrealisticness (is that a word?) of that plan -eyeroll emoji-, here are some of our favorite places in Berlin! 

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Yash and I eat far too much ramen for our own good and even seek it out whenever we travel abroad. Given that majority of our dates are essentially grabbing dinner together, we’ve had many, many, mannnny bowls of good ramen.

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