You know it's a good trip when you're itching to go back already. A week after my friends and I came back from Germany, I was looking at flights to Munich for Christmas. Ignoring the unrealisticness (is that a word?) of that plan -eyeroll emoji-, here are some of our favorite places in Berlin! 


Berlin is a gorgeous city with an almost industrial feel to it. It's a bit rough around the edges compared to a place like Paris, but I found it to be charming nonetheless. Here are my recs if you're ever in the area:

Herman: a Belgian bar that has the nicest bartenders (ask for Eddie and Mo!) and a late night french fry place next door. You really can't beat that.

Tiergarten: If you know me even a little bit, you know my obsession for all things nature. Walking through lush tree-lined trails makes you forget that you're in a major city. Check out Café am Neuen See, a biergarten in here!

K'ups Gemüse Kebap: If you go to Germany and don't have a doner kebab, you're seriously missing out. While Mustafa's is known to be the holy grail, I also didn't want to wait in line for over an hour for their kebab. K'ups , on the other hand, was delicious and I can't recommend it enough!Röststätte: Yes, I copied and pasted that from Google to get all the accent marks correctly. This was a coffee shop around the corner from our AirBnb and we were there nearly every day. They had delicious sandwiches and incredible coffee. I wish I had room in my suitcase to bring a bag of beans back.