I met Maya nearly 3 years ago when I was looking for roommates before transferring to UC Davis. You get to know so much about another person when you live with them, and Maya easily became one of my closest friends in college. We’ve had countless nights where we would have Friends playing in the background on Netflix and talk about anything and everything. Throughout the two years we lived together, I had the pleasure of not only meeting Garrett but also seeing how great they are together. (P.S., he makes the best ribs ever and I have been itching to try his recipe!)  

As they are both from Marin County, it was a no-brainer on where our location would be. We headed out to Cavallo Point which has gorgeous grounds and an outstanding view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco skyline. The sky was as blue as ever and we could not have had a more perfect session. Given our friendship, it meant the world to me that I had the honor of preserving this special moment in their lives for them.