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Yash and I eat far too much ramen for our own good and even seek it out whenever we travel abroad. Given that majority of our dates are essentially grabbing dinner together, we’ve had many, many, mannnny bowls of good ramen. Here are some of our favorite spots around San Francisco and Oakland!

Izakaya Sozai 

While there is only one type of ramen you can get here, it is delicious. Nothing better than coming here after spending the day at Golden Gate Park. Their yakitori is pretty good too!


Saiwaii Ramen 

Not sure why it only has 3.5 stars on Yelp, but their spicy garlic tonkotsu has ruined a lot of other broths for me. If you're looking for a slight kick in your ramen, come here. 

Sobo Ramen.jpg

Sobo Ramen

I came here once after a hike in Oakland with some friends, and it was so satisfying. Sobo has lots of different ramen options annnnnd there's a cheap parking garage next door! Get the spicy black tonkotsu here!


Marufuku Ramen

We waited in line for over an hour but it was SO GOOD. Fortunately, since it was in the Japan Center, we were able to kill time by going to a stationery store next door. 

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