My digital art journey began in late 2007 when I signed up deviantArt. (Check out my profile here for more laughs) At the time, the art-sharing site was at its peak and I would spend hours looking through photographs and digital illustrations. I was so inspired by the artists on there that some of them are still my favorite photographers. When I got my first dSLR and then the Adobe Creative Suite in 2008, I was hooked on photography. Instead of doing my homework, I’d be looking up tutorials on the Internet and learning how to use my camera and Photoshop. Every chance I got, I would be editing away in Photoshop trying to improve. 

10 years ago, I had a dream of becoming a fashion photographer. While I didn’t necessarily achieve that, I’d like to think my 13 year old self would still be really proud of the artist she became. I have thousands of thousands of photos stored from the past 10 years and I couldn’t imagine losing them. There’s no photographer in this world that doesn’t fear losing their data, and I’m no exception. Recently, I had a chance to work with G-Technology and try out one of their external hard drives.* I’ve been using it for a month now and I’m already itching to check out more of their stuff! This drive has become my most prized possession because it has all my memories from the past decade. So with that being said, check out my photography journey below and cringe with me 😬

*(As a disclaimer, the hard drive linked in this post was kindly gifted by G-Technology)