So this lovely little skater skirt has been in my closet since I was 16 or 17. I had to track down some pretty cringe-worthy Facebook photos to check that (lol). I bought it from Forever 21 for probably under $15, and it has held up surprisingly well. In both high school and college, this skirt has been a staple because 1) it’s cute and 2) it goes with everything. I've been having fun trying to adapt it to my post-college style. 

This skirt is a perfect example of how there is more than one way to shop ethically and be sustainable. The stark reality is that buying ethically produced goods is a luxury at this point. When you don’t have that much discretionary income, it is ridiculous to pay $50 for a plain t-shirt when you have other pressing priorities (aggressively side-eying my student loans). That being said, one of the easiest ways to live more consciously is by simply wasting less, despite the apparel’s origin. So yes, I did buy this skirt from Forever 21 and yes, I do continue to buy from other retailers that aren’t necessarily ethical, but whenever I do, I make it a point to make that piece of clothing last for years. That being said, I definitely have been putting in a lot of effort to save up and buy staples more and more from ethical companies :)

What about you? What are some pieces in your closet that you just can’t seem to part with?

Sweater: H&M (N/A) similar here and here / Skirt: Forever 21 (N/A) similar here and here / Boots: Sam Edelman