Based in California, Potli is the premium purveyor for the modern, CBD and THC enhanced kitchen pantry. It seeks to empower its customers, while working to change the perceptions and dialogues around cannabis.

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Marketing and Sales Strategy @ Welcome Presents

Welcome Presents is a nonprofit that aims to bridge the divide between refugees, asylum seekers and the wider UK public, and seeks to have a positive impact on the lives of those displaced and struggling in London. Backed by Amnesty International, its monthly events unite London through a shared love of film, food & friendship. For every ticket sold, a refugee or asylum seeker attends for free.


digital branding, sales strategy, and marketing @ Neococo

Neococo is more than just an apparel company. It’s where women refugees can find employment while providing them the resources to settle in the United States. Every hand embroidered t-shirt is a representation of the woman who embroiders it, giving her back independence and dignity.